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Arc 500 Cold Crucible Arc Melter

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The most powerful and comprehensive lab scale plasma/arc melter on the market.

If you want more from your arc melter or you need complex alloys, casting, and/or powder, the Arc 500 is worth a look. This is the most powerful and comprehensive plasma/arc melting lab scale product on the market. The big sister to the very popular Arc 200 product, with 100 kW of melting power, at up to 2400 amps, it can perform all the same tasks and has the same modes of operation, just bigger and faster!

There are also two vacuum options: medium (1E-2 mbar) and high (5E-6 mbar). All options are designed for quick cycle times and user friendly operation.

The intended use for the Vacuum Arc Melter is to allow metallurgists and technicians to alloy reactive or nonreactive metals, and cast or atomize these alloys with the least running cost and capital cost, while maintaining a high engineering standard.

Specifications   Requirements
Capacity: 500g Nominal, with a range of 50 - 1,500g   Electrical: Requires 3- or 1-Phase Power,
Crucible/Hearth: Copper Water Cooled     208 – 575 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  Graphite (Optional)     100kVA
Chamber: 304 Stainless Steel   Water: 25 lpm below 30 deg. C.
Arc/Torch Tip: Pure Tungsten Rod   Gas: Argon or other inert gas
Melt Tempurature: Over 3000 Deg C.      


Arcast Arc500 arcmelter with tilting crucible option
Arcast Arc500 arcmelter with tilting crucible option


Above, the "desktop" version of the Arc 500

Above right, the tilting crucible option

Arcast Arc500 arcmelter with indexable multi-crucible
Arcast Arc500 arc melter, 'desktop' configuration
Arcast Arc500 arcmelter with atomizer option


Above, the multi-crucible option, which indexes to allow multiple castings

Right, the arc 500 with the atomizing option

Our Arc 500 is highly flexible and configurable

Below are some of the options available (select the schematic drawings to see larger views)

Electromagnetic stirring

We have added a highly effective electromagnetic stirrer to our range of options for our arc melters. This allows complete alloying in one heat cycle without the need to flip and re-melt multiple times. It works with any alloy system and comes in many different specifications to modulate the amount and type of stirring as required.

Please see the video!

Tilt Casting:

Tilt Mold

Tilt Mold installed on Arc Melter Crucible

Tilt Mold opened

As-cast titanium ingot from the Tilt Mold
As-cast titanium ingot from the mold on the left

Arc500 Tilt Casting Mold Option

Arc500 Tilt Casting Static Mold Option

Centrifugal Casting

Arc500 tilt Rotary Mold Casting Option

Arc500 tilt Rotary Centrifugal Mold Casting Option

Centrifugal Mold Spinner

A stream of molten titanium pouring from the Crucible to the Centrifugal Mold

Above, centrifugal carousel

Bottom Continuous Casting and Static Crucible Options

Arc500 Static Crucible/Hearth Option

Arc500 Bottom Continuous Casting Option

Arcast Arc200 continuous cast rod
Arc 500 continuous cast rod


Centrifugal Finger Casting

Finger Casting Mold, shown opened with cast finger

Rapid Quench / Solidification Casting

Disk cast into a cold copper mold

Disk cast into a cold copper mold

Disk cast into a cold copper mold
Tube cast into a cold copper mold
Tube cast into a cold copper mold