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Custom Arc Melter Examples

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In addition to our line of standard vacuum arc furnaces, we can create customized versions, or totally new solutions. Shown below are some examples in which we have taken our standard Arc 200 features and arranged them to perform a job specific to the client's research process. The Dual-Crucible Furnace has proven so useful we now offer it as an option, but it started life as a customization.

We can accommodate almost any customer requirement. We work closely with our customers on many development projects. These can take only a couple months to over a year. We start by designing the new system completely in 3D CAD so the customer has a real feel for what to expect. We then build and test each component and system to the satisfaction of the customer. When the system is installed on site, we work closely with the customer until the system is fully operational.

Whether you need small modifications or totally new designs, Arcast can work with you on any cold crucible vacuum arc melting or induction melting solution, from small-scale research to full production furnaces. If you need a new furnace for alloying, casting or atomizing (powder) please contact Arcast Inc.

Dual-Crucible Furnace - now available as an option

Arc 200 dual-crucible option
Arc 200 dual Crucible DetailArc 200 Dual Cricible Detail

Yes, the furnace below is based on the Arc 200!

This furnace has molds mounted on a turntable which enables the user to cast multiple shapes from one melt.

Arcast Custom Built Arc Melter Furnace

Carousel Moulds OptionArcast Tilt Crucible option

Above, Left: The multi-mould carousel furnace option with the lid open. Right: Tilt crucible option