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Ind CC 20 Induction Cold Crucible Furnace and Casting Module

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The Arcast Inc Mini Induction Cold Crucible Melter offers the ability to melt, cast and rapidly solidify metal alloys of nominal 10 gram mass, using a clean, ceramic free cold crucible process. The process, also known as cold crucible levitation melting (CCLM) or cold crucible induction melting (CCIM), allows a reactive alloy to be fully melted and alloyed in one melt cycle. It also allows this to be done in a vacuum or a flowing atomosphere. It offers you the ability to melt and alloy metals at over 3000 Deg. C, such as titanium alloys, memory alloys and bulk amorphous glass alloys. The furnace is enclosed in a vacuum chamber and offers many standard options. The standard options include:

There are also two vacuum options: medium (1E-2 mbar) and high (5E-6 mbar). All options are designed for quick cycle times and user friendly operation. The intended use for the Induction Cold Crucible Melter is to allow metallurgists and technicians to alloy reactive or nonreactive metals, and cast these alloys with the least running and capital costs, while maintaining a high engineering standard.

Specifications   Requirements
Capacity: 20g Nominal   Electrical: Requires 3- and 1-Phase Power,
Crucible/Hearth: Copper Water Cooled     208 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Chamber: Quartz, copper and stainless   Water: 5 lpm below 30 deg. C.
Induction Coil: 150-400kHz   Gas: Argon or other inert gas
Melt Tempurature: Over 3000 Deg C.      
Arcast Ind 20 CC crucible and chamberArcast Ind 20 Cold Crucible test melt

Ind CC 20 (first version) crucible and chamber, left, and during testing, right.


IND CC 20 Cold Crucible Induction Furnace

This is the fully housed version of our IND CC20


IND cc20 vertical crucible in use IND cc20 boat crucible
Above are the two copper crucible options: the vertical crucible and the boat crucible, which are interchangable with each other and the ceramic crucible. This is a very versatile furnace.

Arcast's Induction Cold Crucible 20 CC capacity Tilt and Pour Furnace

Aracst's Induction Cold Crucible 20 cc Tilt and Cast furnace in operation

Above are three images of Arcast's new Tilt and Pour version of the IND CC20 furnace