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Melt Spinning (strip casting) Module SC 100

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Arcast Melt Spinner for refractory metals
Arcast Melt Spinner in action
Arcast Melt Spinner open
Example of the output of Arcast's Melt Spinner
Left: Example of aluminum ribbon cast in Arcast's Melt Spinner

Arcast's new Melt Spinner casts a thin ribbon of rapidly quenched amorphous material in 100g batches, and is suitable for Al, Fe, Ni, and Cu alloys. It uses induction melting in an inert atmosphere and a water-cooled, variable speed copper wheel to quench the metal and generate the ribbon.

Specifications     Requirements

100g typical for Al, Fe, Ni,
and Cu alloys

  Electrical: Requires 1 and 3-phase power
Crucible/Hearth Quartz, boron nitride, ZSBN or alumina     208 - 400 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 35 kVA
Chamber Stainless   Water: 20 lpm below 30 deg. C.
Wheel material Copper, water cooled   Gas: Argon or other inert gas
Wheel dimensions 300mm dia, 50mm wide      
Wheel surface velocity 25 - 200 m/s      
Induction generator 15 kW HF