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Nearly all of our machines have a degree of customization, from those with 10 gram tilt-and-pour button casting molds for research purposes to 200 kg batch advanced alloy powder production atomizers and we are perfecting a revolutionary continuous powder production machine. Many furnaces are customized entirely according to customer need, and all are backed up with our worldwide expert installation, training and maintenance programs. We have installed research machines in many major public research and educational institutions around the world, as well as corporate laboratories. We have installed large production machines for some of the largest alloy suppliers in the world. And we continue to grow and innovate from our position at the cutting edge of modern materials science. If the product range we display does not include what you need, do not hesitate to put us to work making something entirely new.
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Cold Crucible and Ceramic Vacuum Furnaces

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...for Research and Production
of Novel Alloys

Arcast Inc. produces research and production vacuum and inert atmosphere melting furnaces for reactive and refractory metal alloys such as shape memory and advanced alloys. Our close-coupled gas atomization furnaces offer the latest in powder metallurgy capabilities for the production of additive layer manufacturing media. Our cold crucible or ceramic crucible clean melt technology facilitates the cost effective processing of metals such as titanium. With our modular design approach, we can incorporate a range of casting and rapid quenching (such as strip casting) options into your machine. We are highly competitive, innovative and flexible.