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Arcast Inc is a diverse and highly innovative company. We have decades of experience producing custom laboratory and production capital equipment.

Machining and Fabrication

We have a complete, modern in-house CNC machining, welding and fabrication shop. We also have a network of subcontractors that allows us the ability to take on just about any scope of work.

Cylindrical atomization chamber
Machined furnace part
Cast titanium sample
Welding a furnace
Arcast Cold Crucible Furnaces
Button Crucible
Furnace drawing
Cold mold cintrifugally cast samples

Design and Engineering

We have experienced design and engineering staff to meet any of your design requirements, rendered using the latest in 3D CAD applications.

Trials and Prototyping

We have in-house prototyping machines enabling the customer to test the technology before purchasing equipment.

Company Focus

The company focus is in producing material processing equipment using the latest in vacuum, furnace and casting technology. We use the latest in cold crucibles for processing reactive and high temperature materials. We offer a variety of induction and arc furnaces. We can meet your needs regarding melting, alloying, casting, rapid quench, levitation melting and vitrification.

We have a comprehensive range of standard products and we produce custom specialist equipment as well. Give us a call or email to explore your technical needs further.

Arcast Turret Lathe with examples of work
General view of one of our workshops
One of our atomizing chambers awaiting final assembly