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Arcast Induction Cold Crucible Melters

Arcast Indcc 20 cold crucible induction melter


Cold crucible levitation melting of up to 20 grams of reactive or non-reactive metals in an inert atmosphere. Low running and capital costs, high engineering standards. Highly versatile with a number crucible congfigurations

Arcast Indcc 20 cold crucible induction tilt and pour melter

Tilt and Pour

All the advantages of the Ind CC 20, plus the ability to tilt the crucible for pouring into a mold.

Arcast Indcc 100 induction cold crucible melter

IND CC 100

Handling 100 grams of charge, the Ind CC 100 has the same features as the 20. Shown as a core unit here for customer supplied electrics and controls.

Arcast custom induction col crucible melters

Custom Induction Cold Crucible Melters

Our custom induction cold crucible furnaces open the door to new processes for alloying and refining refractory, reactive and novel alloys


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