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Arcast Custom Melters (summary)

Arcast custom arc furnaces

Custom arc melters

We have built more custom versions of the Arc200 than any other of our machines, leading to the development of new standard products

Arcast custom induction cold crucible melters

Custom cold
crucible induction furnaces

Our custom induction cold crucible furnaces open the door to new processes for alloying and refining refractory, reactive and novel alloys

Arcast custom hot crucible induction melters

Custom hot
crucible induction furnaces

These can range from simple test rigs for alloying difficult metals combinations to complex glass and ratification furnaces, with a wide range of crucible compositions.

Arcast custom atomizers

Custom atomizers

Actually all of our atomizers are custom! Arcast sets the standards for reliability, user-friendliness, quality of results, speed of production, versatility and superb build in custom-built atomizers


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