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Arcast Custom Arc Melters

Custom enlargement of the Arcast Arc 200 with a chip feed

A standard of flexibility

In addition to our line of standard vacuum arc furnaces, Arcast can create customized versions, or totally new solutions.

Often our custom work informs our design process for new machines. The furnace on the left is a custom enlargement of the Arc 200 (to 500 grams capacity) with a chip feed, while below you see an Arc 200 fitted with a circular vacuum chamber and a revolving crucible. Realising there was a demand for a combination of these two features, we designed a new standard furnace, the Arc 500.

We can accommodate almost any customer requirement, working with you on many development projects. These might take from only a couple months to over a year to complete. We start by designing the new system completely in 3D CAD so you have a real feel for what to expect. We then build and test each component and system to your satisfaction. When the system is installed on site, we work closely with you until the system is fully operational. Whether you need small modifications or totally new designs, Arcast can work with you on any cold crucible vacuum arc melting or induction melting solution, from small-scale research to full production furnaces. If you need a new furnace for alloying, casting or atomizing (powder) please contact us.

Arcast Arc 200 customized with a circular chamber and a revolving crucible


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