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Arcast Materials Processing

Toll Processing and Production Service

We offer an in-house, high-quality toll processing service. With our on-site range of arc melters and induction furnaces, we can process materials from elemental feed stock or from master alloys.

We can process:

  • Bulk metallic glass (amorphous) alloys
  • Shape memory alloys
  • Thermo electric alloys
  • Reactive metal alloys
  • Nickel, titanium, zirconium, niobium, tantalum, molybdenum and tungsten
  • Glasses and oxides

Our equipment can be used for refining, alloying, casting and gas atomizing the above materials and most other metals.

Continuous Casting and Ingot Forming

We can continuously cast ingots from elemental feed stock using cold molds. These can be done in a variety of configurations and sizes.

Powder Production and Powder Metallurgy

We have in-house capability for powder production. Methods include general ceramic based gas atomization and clean cold crucible (ceramic-free) based gas atomization. Contact us for more details.

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Below are titanium powder SEM images from various runs at different scales; clockwise from upper left: 10μm; 200μm; 200μm; 500μm.

10μ powder sample
200μ powder sample
200μ powder sample
500μ powder sample

With our vacuum arc melting furnaces we can melt and alloy to create buttons for pressing or rolling. We can cast alloy into rapidly quenched rod, shard or thin sections, or atomize into powder.

Induction processes include cold crucible skull melting, induction levitation melting, or melting in ceramic or graphite furnaces. All of these processes can be done in a vacuum or in inert or reactive gas atmospheres.

Arcast Continuous Casting rocess
Arcast spun-cast ingot
Arcast ingot
Arcast vacuum cast ingot
Arcast Continuous Cast rod
Arcast ingots


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