Materials Processing 

Arcast Machine Shop

CNC machines where appropriate,
manually operated where necessary

Acrast's machine shop

Machine tools - CNC and manual

We have a complete, modern in-house machine shop. Our largest workhorse is our VTL, a robust manual machine which requires a craftsman’s touch to operate - indispensable for machining vessels. In the spirit of letting the tool fit the job, we have state-of-the-art CNC equipment for most of our other work. We also have a network of subcontractors that allows us to take on just about any scope of work.


Takumi lathe

Takumi - X=43” X Y=21” X Z=25”

Daewoo lathe

Daewoo 16” chuck x 60” length

Webb lathe

Webb 10” chuck x 30” length

Daewoo lathe

Daewoo Lynz 200 - 6” chuck, 10” swing, 18” length

Clausing Metosa lathe

Clausing Metosa - 10” chuck x 30” length

Smart lathe

Smart SL280 - 10” chuck, 16” swing, 21” length

Bullard VTL

Bullard Vertical Turret Lathe, 36” swing x 36” height

Viper lathe

Viper - X=20” X Y=15” X Z=20”


Brown & Sharpe CMM

Brown & Sharpe CMM - X=20” X Y=20” X Z=15”

Viper lathe

Milling machines

Bridgeport milling machine

Bridgeport - X=24” X Y=11” Z=16”

Santec milling machine

Santec - X=26” X Y=12” X 16”

Ram milling machine

Ram - X=48” X Y=18” X Z=22”

Sharpe milling machine

Sharp Proto Trak - X=22” X Y=15” X Z=16”


Kasto saw

Kasto 10” cut and (right) DoALL Contour Machine

DoALL contour machine


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